Fees and Rules

As part of a national division, Na Fianna must pay Club dues to the USGAA (United States Gaelic Athletic Association) as well as the Southwest Division of which all San Diego Clubs are a part of. Our fees to each of these organizations help pay for fields, cost of running the Clubs (paperwork, media, etc), referee fees and many other things that it takes to run the divisions throughout the year. If cost is a concern for you Na Fianna will happily work with you to set up a payment schedule. (Please talk to our Treasurer if you would like to set up a payment plan.)


  • Fees to play Gaelic Football and/ or Camogie: $160
  • Fees to play Gaelic Football and/or Camogie if you are a student: $80
  • Insurance: $20*
  • Registration: $3**
  • Travel costs – airline flights
  • Tournament Costs – Denver and Nationals will have costs in order to participate (i.e. daily entrance fees, bus pass.) More info will be sent out as it becomes available.
  • $20/night for any hotel room costs

What You Get:

  • Coached training 2-3x per week for 5 months
  • Reffed matches amongst other regional teams
  • Insurance coverage for any injuries during training or matches
  • Organized socials with team members
  • Subsidized accommodations when traveling to Nationals and tournaments

Because Na Fianna has to get people to come to us or we travel to other cities to play games we like to do a bit of fundraising to help offset the costs. Typically each player will need to purchase their own flights but successful fundraisers means the Club can cover the majority of the cost of hotel rooms at Nationals and possibly any other travel if we go as a team… like to Ireland!

* Insurance is Mandatory through USGAA. When you go online to register you will pay $20 for insurance and $3 registration fee. (If you are a dual player you will be required to pay twice but USGAA will reimburse us at a later date for the extra $23.) The insurance is required even if you are already covered on another plan.

**Registration and insurance is required by Croke Park and these fees are paid directly to them via USGAA when you go online to register.


Playing Rules and Code of Conduct